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Realization of physiological mechanism of erection is associated with release of nitric oxide (NO) in the cavernous body during sexual stimulation. This, in turn, leads to increased levels of cGMP, the subsequent relaxation of smooth muscle of the cavernous body and increase blood flow.
Sildenafil has no direct relaxing effect on isolated corpus cavernosum in humans, but enhances the effect of NO by inhibiting PDE5, which is responsible for the breakdown of cGMP.
Mandatory condition for the effectiveness of sildenafil is sexual stimulation.

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Side effects
In rare cases may cause headache, flushes, dizziness, reversible disorders of vision, palpitations, dyspepsia and rhinitis, and the development of allergic reactions.

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When the problem of reducing the potency has affected me personally I was in shock that this happened to me. Erection became lethargic, fell right during class "this", plus quickly began to cum.
First went to the hospital, prescribe drugs that nifiga did not help, then began to try various folk remedies, infinitely confusing, especially useless drugs with advertising on TV. Viagra is very expensive and harmful to the heart, so that the option with it, too, disappeared.
In short they not only spent a lot of money and nerves, and helped me only this tool

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if the "mens" viagra ensures potency, acting on the prostate gland (at the same time planting the heart), while not affecting libido, how do you imagine "female" viagra??
what do a female viagra? what it should affect something?
there are aphrodisiacs that increase libido. the simplest alcohol. but "female viagra" is a fiction for extortion of money.I think it's something that should speed up the heartbeat, in consequence of which the blood runs faster and in the right places too. but the heart will also clearly be affected.

it seems to me that you don't need a guy who doesn't want to. leave him as a friend and not torture yourself.

I didn't say don't want it, probably just because of the overabundance of sex and the fact that we've been together, the passion subsided, know each other by heart, tried everything. We just want to spend an interesting weekend, at the same time decided to increase the desire. Every day to drink is not going to.

Method of application and doses
Is the inside once, about an hour before the alleged closeness between 50 and 100 mg to Patients with impaired liver function and kidney shows a decrease in dose (25 mg per single dose). The drug should not be taken more than once a day.
I agree with the opinion that advertising is often disappointing in relation to almost everything. This is her laws. Therefore, especially medicines should be taken only after serious study, and even better - after consultation with the competent people. For any means for potency need a formal resume, if you like to Sildenafil S3 it says "treatment for ED" this is the fact of approval of the special departments, if an ad or a picture, then I'm sorry, you don't pay no attention.